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Did you know that our colours are inspired by vintage Porsche palettes? Or that our signature linen is made from vintage umbrella fabric, ensuring the bags are waterproof as well as easy to clean. Our inspiration comes from design with functionality at the forefront, such as vintage cars and watches from the 60s which embody the perfect blend of form function and soul. From the story behind the printing of our signature canvas to the precise sound of our hardware, below are the 17 most satisfying facts about your Métier bag.
Métier /ˈmɛtjei/
Most basic definition is one’s vocation or trade. Furthermore, it describes one’s craft, one’s calling and reason for being.
Satisfying Detail #1
Our inspiration comes from vintage cars and watches from the 60’s. A perfect example is the Pan AM GMT Master (Rolex) which was the first watch used to tell two time zones with a simple turn of a dial. A vintage Alfa Spider too, puts functionality at its forefront–you can simply reach behind you to close the hood with a simple snap while the modern counterparts tend to overcomplicate things.



Our colors come from vintage Porsche palettes. Each shade is timeless, rich and unique.



The foil used in our logos come from the same suppliers used to restore old cathedrals in Italy to ensure that it stands the test of time.


All of our hardware is made from solid brass. Every snap, zip and buckle are meant to evoke a sturdy sensation like clicking of a vintage Leica camera.

 The springs in all of our locks were re-engineered to mimic the sound and sensation of a Porsche door closing which is powerful and solid.



Every bag is lined with alcantara, a microfibre used in vintage luxury cars known for its durability. The house color Amarone is the color of Melissa’s favourite wine.

We hand stitch the main pressure points using thread normally used to make shoes. This reinforcement technique and the usage of extra-strong thread ensures longevity of each piece.


Each bag has been tested in a facility in Italy that simulates 20 years of use; wind, rain, 10kg of stones and shaking.

Satisfying Detail #8
It took us 2 years to develop our own leather that is built to last, yet incredibly featherweight.


The base of all of our bags are rounded so that when it is filled and hits you at the hip, it is soft like a pillow.

Satisfying Detail #10
Our Natural Linen is made from vintage umbrella fabric; it’s durable, waterproof and easy to clean.
Satisfying Detail #11
Our house pattern takes influence from Art Deco and merges with geometric tessellations found in classic Arabic architecture. An artist from Paris stippled the pattern with 6000 dots in every diamond and 6 unique diamonds for the 36,000 unique dots in each repeat. We identified 6 different densities from heavy to light to create a fading effect from left to right. This pattern is called “From Dusk Till Dawn” in homage to our traveller on the go from morning to light.
Satisfying Detail #12
The way we print our pattern is very special. Instead of simply printing and coating over to create texture, the linen used goes through an extensive procedure of being pressed, printed, then wet to be stretched for the natural grain to reappear. Each piece is then lightly coated for water resistance.



Every Métier piece was designed for motion. Almost every bag comes with a hidden detail, from a magnetic closure compartment for your phone on the back of the Rider backpack, to a pull out strap on the small wallets.



The men’s Vagabond group was inspired by classic motorcycle jackets.

Satisfying Detail #15
The Perriand group is named after Charlotte Perriand, a French designer and architect known for her ability to effortlessly and elegantly marry design and function.


Each one of our Perriand handles are hand-braided by artisans outside of Florence. The thickness of the rope inside is carefully measured to make sure the grip feels sturdy yet supple.

Satisfying Detail #17
The main inspiration behind our flagship store was a vintage riva boat which is distilled into the materials, shapes and techniques used in designing the space. Like our products, every element within the store is a perfect intersection between form and function. Modularity is considered for shelving, display as well as storage. The bar is inspired by one of our absolute favourite restaurants, Kronenhalle in Zürich; warm, intimate and soulful.


Métier is a luxury leather goods house that enhances the life and work of the modern-day man and woman. Anchored by a modular collection of timeless pieces, we believe purposeful design can transform daily experiences. Each bag is handcrafted in Italy, marrying timeless tradition and exceptional attention to detail with a profound understanding of the way that we live now.